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Looking at the window
Waiting for you dear
It takes days
days become weeks
weeks becomes months
months becomes years
years becomes decades

Here I am,,,
still waiting for you
Glimpse me on my shady days
Please, Oh! Dear,
I was longing for you
I don’t know where you are
Still I am holding your promise
it is my resting heart
when I am about to give up
Your promises echoing into my ears
shouting your voice loudly
deep through my hearts

Oh, Dear! you know,,
How I missed you really,
Please glimpse me
to ease my loneliness
and wipes my tears
with your warm hand
softened my heart
I missed your hugs
it is my daily dose of comfort
Your smile is my repellent
on my moody swayed upside and down
You are the best view I had.

So, Dear! Glimpse me once
and feel me that you’re here
Brush my hair when I slept
Let’s sway on the swing together
Let’s walk on the breezy beach
and leave our footprints
Let’s dance under the rain
enjoy every drops that falling
Eat together in a view deck
while witnessing the sunrise
These are the memories
that would be an antique memoirs
to treasure forever
while waiting you dear.
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The Wisdom of Silence

Be silent,
if you can’t say it
without screaming.

Be silent,
when you are
feeling critical

Be silent,
if your words could
damage a friendship

Be silent,
when you don’t
have all facts

Be silent,
if your words will
offend a person

Be silent,
if you would be ashamed
of your words later

Be silent,
if your words convey
the wrong impression

Be silent,
in the heat
of anger

Be silent,
when it is time
to listen

A meaningful
silence is always better
than meaningless words.
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Maaari Ba???

Maaari bang samahan mo ako
na lakbayin ang baybayin na ito
na magkahawak ang ating mga kamay
at pinakikinggan ang alay kong tula sayo.

Maaari ba?
na magpanggap kang masaya
na kapiling ako.

Maaari ba?
na magpanggap kang mahal
mo ako kahit sandali lang.


Maaari ba na pakinggan mo?
ang bawat pintig ng aking puso
na tanging ikaw ang ritmo
sa isang musika na ikaw ang himig.

Maaari bang hiramin ko
ang kapirasong oras mo
at ialay mo muna ito sa akin
kahit sa sandaling segundo.

Maaari ba?


Sapagkat sa bawat oras na nalalabi ko
dito sa mundong ibabaw
ay humahaba at pakiwari ko’y
mahaba pa ang ilalagi ko dito.

Sapagkat sa bawat pintig ng aking puso
ay maaaring maupos gaya ng kandilang may sindi
at sa tuwing pakikinggan mo ito
yaring isang musikang tumutugtog
at saliw nito laan para sayo lamang.

Kung sakali mang ikaw
ay magpapanggap na mahal mo ako
pakiwari ko’y nasa alapaap ako
ninamnam ang makinang mong pagmamahal.

At sakali mang ako’y iyong samahan
na tahakin ang mahabang baybayin na ito
at pinakikinggan mo ang alay kong tula sayo
at magkahawak ang ating kamay.

Malugod kong tatanggapin ang pamamahinga
sa dulo ng baybaying ito.

Ako’y mamaalam na tangan ang saya at babaunin ang lahat ng lungkot at sakit.
Iiwan ang masasayang alaala
at umaasa ako na iyong ipagpapatuloy.

Sapagkat ako’y hahayo na,
Pagod na akong lumaban pa
ang sakit na gumugupo sa akin
at ang magpapahiwalay sa ating dalawa.

Huwag ka nang umiyak pa,
Tanggapin mo, na hanggang dito nalang ako.
Pagtangis mo sana ay ikubli nalang,
Huwag mo nang ipakita pa sa akin.

Maaari bang masilayan ko ang iyong mga ngiti
sa huling pagkakataon?
Hawakan mong mahigpit ang aking mga kamay
at hayaan mong kumawala ito
hanggang sa maupos ang aking paghinga.

Maaari ba? Mahal ko?
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Time and Love

Do you know that TIME is more important than LOVE?

You know why?

If I give you LOVE but I don’t have TIME, would you believe that I LOVE YOU? Maybe not!

But if I give you time because I love you. I am sure that you believe 100 percent and I am sure on myself too that I love you.

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When you’re a kid and you get hurt
You cried loud!
To know that you’re crying
and felt that you’re in pain

Now that you’re an adult and get hurt
You silently crying!
To hide that you’re in pain
and nobody knows that you’re hurting.
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The magic of first true love
is as painful when it’s over.

But do you know
the sweetest part of it;

It’s when you learn
to cry
to let go
to be strong
to be wise.

And when you love again
You’ll know how to keep it.

This time,
longer or even
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A Time for Everything

Everything happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.
He sets the time for birth and the time for death,
the time for planting and time for pulling up
the time for killing and the time for healing,
the time for tearing down and the time for building.
He sets the time for sorrow and the time for joy,
the time for mourning and the time for dancing,
the time for making love and the time for not making love,
the time for kissing and the time for not kissing.
He sets the time for finding and the time for losing,
the time for saving and the time for throwing away,
the time for tearing and the time for mending,
the time for silence and the time for talk
He sets the time for love and the time for hate,
the time for war and time for peace.

Hello everyone 👋 wanna share this verse read up ⬆️⬆️⬆️ (ECCLESIASTES 3:1-8). We are always in a hurry to live on this world. We always worry for our timelines. We always compares our life to our friends, batchmates, and to our relatives. We always want to compete. We always questioned our life, why it is like this? We always struggling to live in this world. Can’t we forget that our life was destined by Our Creator.

Had you experienced to plans your life and ends up shattered. Like it is not destined to be your path wether how you strive for it, in the end you failed. You never give up. Congratulations 🎉 to yourself for not giving up coz that way you don’t know that your walking through your journey wasn’t your plans but you are guided by Our Almighty through your journey that He prepares on you. God broke your plans not because he didn’t love you it is because God sets a right time for your timelines.

God plans is always at best. Don’t you ever forget that through your path He is always at your side following your steps. Sometimes He will carry you on the midsts of sadness, if you can’t ever walked through your journey. He wipe up your tears with his love for you. We are all God’s children. He doesn’t want us to harm us. He save us from our sins. His love is so passionate. We can’t seen it because we are too blind for the attention from others. We are blind for pleasing others. We forget that we have God that needs an attention to pay for.

Focus our life to our creator. Give him an attention. We are in pandemic corona virus hoping that we used this time to repent and pay attention to our God. Time is running, the clock is ticking at your heart. Hear it, there is a time for everything as it whispers. God time is unpredictable but surely it is at best.

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Time is precious
When we are
Time is constant
Together you and I

Every moment is happiness
I can’t feel sadness
Time won’t be the same
But with you it’s same

Be there in time
That’s you for me
You don’t feel me upset
You always feel me better

I can’t feel the difference
Of day and night with you
It feels me wonderful
Every time we are together

But time is endless
Our life together will be
Love eternally and endless
Our emotions mixed together


We don’t have time yet
In this world
We only have memories
To treasure forever.

Time won’t be the same
And it will be
You and I
To eternal world!

You are my time
Here in this world
Beyond and eternally
I love you every time!