Freedomis our selfdomto expressed our boredomin the queen of kingdomto raise our randomthoughts in seldomwisdom.Freedomis everyone geekdomto own our earldomand not to be a beggardombut be a masterdomof our villadomheirdom.

The Wisdom of Silence

Be silent,if you can’t say itwithout screaming.Be silent,when you arefeeling criticalBe silent,if your words coulddamage a friendshipBe silent,when you don’thave all factsBe silent,if your words willoffend a personBe silent,if you would be ashamedof your words laterBe silent,if your words conveythe wrong impressionBe silent,in the heatof angerBe silent,when it is timeto listenA meaningfulsilence is always betterthan … Continue reading The Wisdom of Silence