To my 1000 followers and fellow bloggers (Poets, Writers and etc…) !!!

Hello, good day to everyone!!!

I wanna expressed my heartfelt gratitude for empowering me to write and share thoughts here on WordPress. Although I always have a hesitation to continue my prowess in writing ✍️ and sharing stories, poem and poetry. I am not really good as everyone does. I am not that poetic nor I always write and from my hearts 💕. I can’t be the best I can if no one believes in me (myself am one to believe in what I had) and to everyone you (guys) thank for the encouraging words to improve my writings.

It’s really a big challenge to me to write because I am not that really good in English. And until now I have to improve and keep on learning English language so everyone can understand it. But I do believe that through our hearts, ourthoughts and words understand it.

Anyway guys, thank you for keeping on supporting on me through this life journey that I wanna be in my life. Sharing words!!! I am not a poet, but I can write from my heart.

Again thank you!

No words 😶 can express how lucky I am to meet new friends here.

God bless much love and more power !!!

God bless your heart !!!

I LOVE YOU all!!!

Mahal ko kayo ❤️❤️❤️



You’re my Piece

I start my piece
Thinking of you
Dreaming where are you
I wish you are here
To stare at you
And be the title of my piece
It’s more realistic
If you’re the reasons
Why I keep on writing
And make it essential
How I wish that as I hold you
Words are amazing in love
Coming from my heart
Through veins
Touching your heart
Deep in through your soul
Until now I am thinking
When would be my penned
Be realistic to everyone
If you’re only on my imagination
I can’t helped but to wait
Until you are surprisingly appear

That one day my piece
Is truly about you and me
Us someday,,,soon!