There are times we treat life like mysterious door.

It doesn’t open no matter how hard we pushed it.

We never noticed that a huge sign is posted there that reads


Same thing with life,

​We struggle !!!

​We push !!!

​We push harder until were tired, hurt ,bruised and wounded.

We forget that there’s a better way:


​LET GO and 

​LET GOD !!!

God planned our lives to be wonderful, lift it up to HIM … GIVE YOUR BEST AND GOD WILL DO THE REST !!!

​​Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which is achieved. How could be your life without failure? Whatever it is? Life should be boring without it. Expect the unexpected. Realized that life is full of surprises, a mind-blowing of challenges and sacrifices.

This is how I met this 22years old guy who surpasses his challenges and accept his mistakes and learn from it. And I am so grateful to meet him and fame him for what he did, for he handle handled every situation comes in his life and he can standout beyond of his failures.

​​After he graduated from high school he’ll never noticed that he will continue his study in college. He came from indigent family his father is a fisherman while his mother is a housewife. He is third out of five siblings. But he has a resemblance for his goals. He ran for SK Chairman of his barangay for scholarship purposes. Indeed he won! That he assumed that being a student and SK chairman is easy but it so burdensome. He simply managed his time of being a student and a servant for his barangay too. Since his term as a SK Chairman is done suddenly his scholarship too. He bother for his scholarship he will not continue his study. But God is good to him. He has sister who sacrifice and support his studies financially. As a youth, he become ardent , he want to try everything that is new for him. He accompanied casually break his goals and  he learned to smoke and drink, he become foolish, he courted up lots of girls. In short he neglecthis studies, he lie to his sister even on his family and the worst thing is, the allowance that he give to him they’d expensed for his vices. Secondly, his girlfriend got pregnant  they don’t know what to do. Both of them are so upset, they hide theresituation on their families. Then the mother of her girlfriend surprisingly visited her then the mother got surprised because she’s clueless of what happened and situation of her daughter.He shocked that time they don’t know what to do then he tried to end up his life. But God is so good and his father called him on phone and they talked about his problem. His so blessed for having a father that so understandable and a family that caring each other. That was a teary eyed moment, he noticed that the truth will sets him free and everything happens is according to God’s plan and purposes.

For good, he decided to stop first from his studies and carry off his obligations as a pillar of his family . yet he has a compassion for what he started but he think of his family that build out of his plan but God’s plan. He had to standout and face it move forward and look for positive thoughts that everything happens in his life is a blessings and disguise.

And now he is working in a private company as a warehouse personnel. A father of two kids and a loving and caring husband to his wife. Yeah!!! He loves much better now his wife. For now, he focused on his family, noticed that right time comes to correct his mistakes and learn for it. Living in this world is not an accident but long life journey to keep moving forward. Quitting is not a solution but learn to rest and pray, let go and let God. Give your best and God will do the rest.

Let me, hide his personal identity, 22 years old, currently living in Sta. Rosa, Laguna named Mr. Francis M.Candelaria. From province of Mindoro, undergraduate at Innovative College of Science and Technology taken Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Math.

REALIZATION: During our conversation I have a lots of things that I learned from him. Value every moments specially family matters. Things to give importance how small it is. There’s nothing wrong in making mistakes. What’s wrong is letting it stay as a mistake without the effort of making right. Life is a journey with lots and lots of waiting. We need to enjoy that journey, to relish, taste , celebrate and breath in all detours, all the craziness, all the mistires and failures and bruises. Everything that happens in life are LESSONS. It doesn’t matter how many times you tried and failed. What really matter is you never stop trying . GOT SPIRIT!!! If it’s not happened then it’s not supposed too. God’s plan is better than ours.



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    💗💗💗💗 just keep our faith to God.


  3. Beatrice says:

    The post… It touched my heart ♥.. Really god has better plan for us

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