A simple dot
that put
at end of the

used to end
a relationship.

I will forgive you
if you hurt me
I will understand you
if you fool me
I played blind
if you we’re lying


if I get tired
and get-cracking the truth.
I am ready to put a PERIOD
on our nonsense relationship.



The ray of light
Shining through me
You won’t near me
But your love won’t fade,

Seeing you from afar
Makes me melancholy
I wished you’ll be my side
Cuddling on winter times,

I wish you’re here
To makes memories
Kissed our body and soul
Weaving for our future,

I can’t hide my sorrow
I wanna hold your hands
And bring it on my hearts
And touch my love for you,

Distance limits us
Our touch physically
But not emotionally
Our love never fade,

Your absence killing me
I am bored without you
I want you here
I miss you,

Through our distance
Our love still remains
It grows worthy
And keep it strong.