Forever Tomorrow

you are my paradise that I met from nowhere gives me a light from distant my darkened shadow fade away and ignite golden lightyou gave me hope to fill the crave of sunshine immense the waves of oceans feel the fine sand on the beach bestowed it’s gloomy pebbles you are my paradise that I … Continue reading Forever Tomorrow

I met You

meeting you in paradise makes me surprise my heart beats so fast my eyes are solenoid staring at youone hello from you, was an ice breaker enough to wake me up from fantasizing you coz here you areyou are real even more realistic when you shake my hand and leave a smile that engrave in … Continue reading I met You

My Star

You are my star at nightshining at my darkestglow in my catastrophic moodshade with gloomy shadowinvade of astounding lightshows how beautiful you areStar that keeps glowinghiding in clouds and keep shiningthe bests view at nightthousands of light that I foundbut you are brightest of themmy star that I found in this universe.


In the world of love,Past is not importantbut the future isExperienced matter mostrather than painthat we go throughForgiveness is the keyto make love powerfuland not to reproof the wrong doingsDecrease your prideIncrease your understandingvalue and shared love

Unsent Goodbye

Midnight of shattering lifeMesmerizing our memoriesHidden deep in my heartTears are overflowing in sadnessRemembering you tonightWhispering in my heartThe calmness that you gaveThrough my darkest daysWondering where are you nowYou leave without any footprintsYou walk away silentlyFor no reasons behindYou left unsaidMy tears drop silentlyWords are falling apartEven my unsent goodbye


Ikaw ang dahilanKaya kwaderno koay may laman,Ikaw ang dahilanKaya pluma’ydumadaloy ang tintaIkaw ang dahilanKaya bawat tintaay may mga salita.Ikaw ang dahilanKaya bawat salitaay puno ng hiwagaIkaw ang dahilanKaya bawat hiwagaay mananatiling lihimIkaw ang dahilanKaya bawat lihimay inaakalang dusaIkaw ang dahilanKaya bawat dusaay itinatagong pilitIkaw ang dahilanKaya pilit kong itinatagosa kwaderno ang iyong imahe.

It Would be US!!!

Let me walk with youSearching for newLiving with youIs my new lifeto spend for the resttest our love sharedrain or shineit would be uswalking for the sunshineholding handsthrough shady lifeit would be usliving life togetherfor better and worstit would be ussearching for its momentas we needed passes bywalking through our journeythere’s a lot timemaking our … Continue reading It Would be US!!!


Looking at the windowWaiting for you dearIt takes daysdays become weeksweeks becomes monthsmonths becomes yearsyears becomes decadesHere I am,,,still waiting for youGlimpse me on my shady daysPlease, Oh! Dear,I was longing for youI don’t know where you areStill I am holding your promiseit is my resting heartwhen I am about to give upYour promises echoing … Continue reading Glimpse