Forever Tomorrow

you are my paradise
that I met from nowhere
gives me a light from distant
my darkened shadow fade away
and ignite golden light

you gave me hope
to fill the crave of sunshine
immense the waves of oceans
feel the fine sand on the beach
bestowed it’s gloomy pebbles

you are my paradise
that I am going live forever
longing for memories with you
dear, please stay as my paradise
and be my forever tomorrow

I met You

meeting you in paradise 
makes me surprise
my heart beats so fast
my eyes are solenoid
staring at you

one hello from you,
was an ice breaker
enough to wake me up
from fantasizing you
coz here you are

you are real
even more realistic
when you shake my hand
and leave a smile
that engrave in my heart

Balang Araw

Balang araw hindi na ako luluha habang pinagmamasdan ka
 Sa larawan ng puno ng ating alaala at pangarap
 Balang araw hindi na ako hihikbi habang pinakikinggan
 Ang ating musika na himig nating dalawa

 Balang araw hindi na ako matutulala sa kalumbayan
 Habang ako ay nasa ating paboritong lugar
 Balang araw masisilayan din ang aking mga ngiti 
 At sigurado ako na di na ikaw ang dahilan ng aking mga ngiti

 Ikaw man ang dahilan ng pagkaguho ng aking mga pangarap
 Huwag kang mag-alala babangon ako at mangangarap muli
 Sisiguraduhin ko na di na ikaw bahagi nito
 Balang araw mangangarap akong muli para sa sarili ko

 Hindi na hihinto ang mundo ko para hintayin ka pang bumalik
 Balang araw kusa nalang akong maglalakad
 Hindi dahil sa pagod na akong hintayin ka
 Kundi dahil ito ang nararapat, tunguhin ang aking landas
 Na wala ka upang paglalakbay ko’y matagumpay
 Gaya ng nais ko.
 Balang araw!

My Star

You are my star at night
shining at my darkest
glow in my catastrophic mood
shade with gloomy shadow
invade of astounding light
shows how beautiful you are

Star that keeps glowing
hiding in clouds and keep shining
the bests view at night
thousands of light that I found
but you are brightest of them
my star that I found in this universe.

Find your Purpose

Who or what drives your life?

Sometimes we think that until when we live a fiery ball of anger, until when we live in a shadow fear of death, until when we are going to live in a expectations of our family, friends and relatives or all those people who surround us, until when we live for our wants on this world for everything we want to have in our hand like our smartphones, new model of car, clothes or anything that we want. It is our happiness. It’s gives satisfaction and pleasure for ourselves. In the sense that we forgot that these are the things that make us away from God. We are blind for this thing materialistic. We never know that our feelings and emotions are far from God because we are more focus on things that surrounds us.

Until when we’re going to live on the past. We cannot keep walking forward coz we always wanted back and stay for our past. Cry like a river until no more tears coming out. It’s all give us shits, pain and heartaches in our life.

Better to know your purpose from our God, live our life with Him. He is our greatest armor that we can lean on. God values you because you are His child. Find your purpose in life. He loves you more than you know.

You know what is greatest tragedy in life? It is not death but not knowing the purpose of your life in this world.


You, Lord give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you.

Isaiah 26:3 (TEV)

Don’t force your life to drive by others let God be the captain of your life.


Unsent Goodbye

Midnight of shattering life
Mesmerizing our memories
Hidden deep in my heart
Tears are overflowing in sadness

Remembering you tonight
Whispering in my heart
The calmness that you gave
Through my darkest days

Wondering where are you now
You leave without any footprints
You walk away silently
For no reasons behind

You left unsaid
My tears drop silently
Words are falling apart
Even my unsent goodbye


Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya kwaderno ko
ay may laman,

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya pluma’y
dumadaloy ang tinta

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat tinta
ay may mga salita.

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat salita
ay puno ng hiwaga

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat hiwaga
ay mananatiling lihim

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat lihim
ay inaakalang dusa

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat dusa
ay itinatagong pilit

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya pilit kong itinatago
sa kwaderno ang iyong imahe.

It Would be US!!!

Let me walk with you
Searching for new
Living with you
Is my new life

to spend for the rest
test our love shared
rain or shine

it would be us
walking for the sunshine
holding hands
through shady life

it would be us
living life together
for better and worst

it would be us
searching for its moment
as we needed passes by
walking through our journey

there’s a lot time
making our footprints
with love and joy

it would be us
longing with each other
in every corner
to sight you and I


Looking at the window
Waiting for you dear
It takes days
days become weeks
weeks becomes months
months becomes years
years becomes decades

Here I am,,,
still waiting for you
Glimpse me on my shady days
Please, Oh! Dear,
I was longing for you
I don’t know where you are
Still I am holding your promise
it is my resting heart
when I am about to give up
Your promises echoing into my ears
shouting your voice loudly
deep through my hearts

Oh, Dear! you know,,
How I missed you really,
Please glimpse me
to ease my loneliness
and wipes my tears
with your warm hand
softened my heart
I missed your hugs
it is my daily dose of comfort
Your smile is my repellent
on my moody swayed upside and down
You are the best view I had.

So, Dear! Glimpse me once
and feel me that you’re here
Brush my hair when I slept
Let’s sway on the swing together
Let’s walk on the breezy beach
and leave our footprints
Let’s dance under the rain
enjoy every drops that falling
Eat together in a view deck
while witnessing the sunrise
These are the memories
that would be an antique memoirs
to treasure forever
while waiting you dear.