Smiling doesn’t necessarily
mean you’re happy.

Sometimes it just
means you’re strong.

Your smiles gives me a reason to stay
Everytime you wanna be with us
You just simple put a smile
In your little pouty lips

Your smiles gives me a reason to slay
It can slay our boredom strikes
You have a phenom to lures us
To make our life optimistic journey

Your smiles is my sunshine all day
It enlightened my darkness life
You shared so much joyous
To teach me to be precious

Your smiles is my happy pill to lay
I am saddened but you shared love
Embraced with your little arms
It's a huge love hiding on it

Oh, dear I thanks a lot for your smiles
You softened my snow heart
You keep it warm with your hugged
Truly your smiles has a magic

It is so genuine feeling to be shared
You have a wonderful smiles
To share vibrant and sanguine
And be natural to empower our world.

Keep smiling!!!
So life will not upset you.
Create blossoms all day.
Through your magical smile.

Forbidden Love

Thou wish that you’re happy
Coz you bring heartaches
Coz you gives pain
your ways is unforgivable

I am fallen on you,
I am contented to seen you from afar
Coz I can’t own you
You own by someone.

I really wants to love you
But it is forbidden
I really wants to tastes you
But someone enjoys you

I am so crazy on you
I want to end it,
Because I don’t have a place
in your heart!

It is forbidden love
that I wouldn’t kept
It is love that I can’t take
It is a poison to us

I’d rather to go
and let you happy
Rather than keep on wishing
seen you from afar

There’s no antidote
on loving you selfless
But there’s a way out
leaving you from the start.


Sa aking pag-iisa 
Ikaw ang aking hanap
Tinatanaw kita sa malayo
Umaasa na masumpungan kita

Sa pagsapit ng dilim
Kasabay ng lungkot
Kusang umaagos mga luha
Pinapaalala bawat sandali

Mga kahapong tayo ay maligaya
Kahapong puno ng pag-asa
At mga pangarap natin
Na sabay nating tinupad

Ngunit dumadating tayo
Kung saan ang tayo
Ay mawala nalang
At magiging ikaw at ako

Sa dapithapon ay ako nalang
Malungkot ngunit kailangan
Para ako’y maging matatag
Pagkat ako’y iniwan mo na.

Yumao ka na kapiling ng Maylikha
Sa iyong paglisan
Sambit mo mga katagang
Ikaw pa rin sa huli.

Ang dapithapon ay dumating na
Lagi kitang naaalala sa tuwina
Hinahanap ng aking mga mata
At maging ng aking puso.

Hanggang sa muli ng ating buhay
Tayo ay magkikitang muli
At muling magkakapiling
Hanggang sa dulo nang walang hanggan!

Kahapon | Ngayon | Bukas

Sa tingin ko’y tila pawang kalumbayan
ang inihahandog ng lahat ng bagay,
pati ng mabangong mga bulaklakan
ay putos ng luksa at pugad ng panglaw;
akala ko tuloy itong Daigdigan
ay isang maliit na libingan lamang.
Mangyari, Kahapon
ang dulot mo’y lason.
Sa mga mata ko ay pawang ligaya
ang inihahandog ng bawa’t makita,
pati ng libingang malayo’t ulila
wari’y halamanang pugad ng ginhawa;
sa aking akala’y tila maliit pa
itong Daigdigan sa aking panata.
Papaano, Ngayo’y
nagwagi ang layon.
Sino baga kaya ang makatatatanggap
ng magiging guhit nitong ating palad?
Ang buhay ng tao ay lunday sa dagat
na inaamihan at hinahabagat;
itong Daigdigan ay isang palanas
na nabibinhian ng lungkot at galak.
Bukas! Ang pag-asa’y
mahirap mataya…

Love is in the Air

Love is in the air
The sweet smell
The ringing of church bells
All the maidens look so fair

Love is in the air
The feelings everywhere
All the people start to care
All the people start to share

Love is the air
The turtle doves sitting in the tree
Looking out at all of those other birds and bees
A never ending stare

Love is in the air
That fragrant kiss
From your lover standing there
Makes your heart beat miss

What a place this world would be
If anybody, anywhere could see
About better off our would would fair
If there was always love in the air.

Love is Complicated

Loved when you are ready to love
Not because you’re lonely
You’ll seek for it.

Pain is a very crucial
that we have to go with.
Taught us to be strong
nor weakened us.

And love is not simple things
that we have to forced it.

It is complicated!!!
We don’t need to forced it.

It is alright to try to
find someone that we are
compatible to,
when we try to
force love out of a situation.
It will resorts uneven.

You simply,,,
cannot force chemistry,
and even telling
to someone that you love them,

It doesn’t mean it is authentic.


I Love You ‘Till Dawn

You are the reason why I smiling
You are the reason
why I waking up early in the morning.

You are the reason in every season of weather
You are the reason why I keep on pursuing
You are the reason why I am dreaming
You are the reason why I am breathing
You are the reason why I keep on fighting

You are the reason
why I should stay on this world
You are the reason in every why’s.

I love you Till Dawn of our Life
I won’t be tired loving you
On our morning stage
We enjoy our juvenile phase
We are bestfriend
We played all the time
We both favorite each other.

Until we’re on the midday
Teenage phase things are getting different
We improve ourselves individual
We are grown
I am not you’re favorite
but still we’re bestfriend
We our getting attached emotionally
I get jealous if there’s someone looking at you
I get jealous if there’s
someone getting your attention.
I started to guard you wherever you are
I may not called, you are mine
But I wanna assure that you are secure always
Deeply in my heart I wanna own you
I wanna marry you someday
Till days comes I propose to you
I am the happiest person
on Earth when you said yes!!!


Three letters that makes me safe.
Three letters that will light up my life forever.
You are mine forever.
And I promised not to hurt you.
I promised to widens my understanding.
I do my best to make you the happiest one.
I offer my life to you.
Throughout our days together
We struggle but never give up
We keep pushing yet we stay in love
We keep the vibrant of sunshine
I will promised to you
Until our days of dawn I love you!

I love you!
I love you!
I love you!

Darling for now
let us shower the magic we made
Let us create memories to treasure forever
Let us bring it eternity
I love you beyond and infinity.

Your Promises

Heard your words
Make me feel worthy
Your words is my law
Make me feel secure.

You open my heart
Using your key
I entrusted it to you
My life and my soul.

The wavelengths
Of your pavements
Is crossing the borders
Towards me with love.

Your promised forever
Always be my strength
To put my trusts on you
I always love you.

I appreciate every single
Act you’ve done to show it
You make my world shine
Gives me hope.