Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya kwaderno ko
ay may laman,

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya pluma’y
dumadaloy ang tinta

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat tinta
ay may mga salita.

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat salita
ay puno ng hiwaga

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat hiwaga
ay mananatiling lihim

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat lihim
ay inaakalang dusa

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya bawat dusa
ay itinatagong pilit

Ikaw ang dahilan
Kaya pilit kong itinatago
sa kwaderno ang iyong imahe.

To You ❤️

I listen to your heart carefully
Your words is confusing.
Even your act is hiding
Then your heart show it gracefully

Having you is my precious treasures I may;
To treasure forever.
Your presence gives me hope each day;
To valued forever.

You are the reasons;
In life of every seasons.
You taught me the meaning of love;
The real love that I have.


My piece has no essence
If you’re not a topic
The lines was incorrect
Even the words are not rhyming
It can’t touch the soul of the readers
Inspiration to write a poetry fades
I don’t have a reasons to keep growing
Your my inspiration
yet this inspiration has an expiration
Never prepared for this.

I am looking for
to be an inspirations
that no expirations
and you did it.

You are the one who gives meaning to my life
You are my everything reasons.