You’re not an Accident

Nothing happens to the child of God by accident. Each item is planned by the Father. We accept the circumstances as guideposts in the direction of His leading. In driving, the red lights are just as important for guidance as the green lights. In guidance, a mitigating circumstance may be a stop light, while we … Continue reading You’re not an Accident

God Invented Tomorrow

Some lessons are best learned through the pain.Sometimes our vission is clear only after our eyes has been washed with tears,;Sometimes we have to be broken so we can be whole again,If GOD meant the day to be perfect.He would not have invented tomorrow.

Tears is Special

Did you know that tears is more special than smile? Because,,, You can easily give your SMILE to everyone but TEARS, only to your love ones you cried and sometimes they’re the reasons behind of your TEARS.

Never Ever

Looking at youfrom afarwonderingif we thoughtsamebutthenI realized !!!I am the only onewho thought this way.I am the only onewho love you most.I am the only onewho hopes for us.CozIt will never happens.Never ever!!!


If I should live to a ripe old ageMay I possess some bit of charm,Individually and wit thatI may not be discardedWhen I am withered,worn and weak,but sought silver afterand cherishedlike a fine antique.