❄️ Snow Heart ♥️

Touch meand you feelI am warm.Hugged meand you noticedthe coldness inside.Feel the boundariesI made to protectmyself from fraud.I am tiredof being mistreatedthat they made.So I put a snowin my heartto shield it.Covered of glaciersto make it coldestand feel nothingButPure feelingof being innocentlike a lambs.So I can’tmade the samemistakes yesterday.My heart is still purefor someone makesme … Continue reading ❄️ Snow Heart ♥️


Even our heart’s awayWe’re destined to metBuild loved with our wayAnd make it perfect Truly gives a picture On my empty frameYou framed me beautifully And gives decorations Our destiny was written Make it surreal With our own plansCreate memories moreSpend timelessNever ending loveUntil on our dawnKeep eternally.Your my destiny! It’s a raw !!! I … Continue reading Destiny

RephraseD from DESTINY

Even our heart’s apartWe’re destined to meetIn a love constructedperfectly formedYou paint the pictureOn my empty canvasFramed me beautifullyEach detailed touchOur destiny was writtenMake it surrealIn our handsNew memories bornSpent timelessA love without endUntil our daybreakAs eternity dawnsYou’re my destiny !Rephrased by: @cyncoed “DESTINY” was my thoughts written 041120 at middle of nowhere. I don’t … Continue reading RephraseD from DESTINY