1. SnowHearT says:


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  2. inga_ouhou says:

    And the picture is lovely too. Thanks!

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  3. sobrang relate lalo na ngayon

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  4. SnowHearT says:

    Changes is the only constant in this world.

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  5. Complicated it all is. Haven’t seen a bigger mutant than life…keeps changing…i learn one way to tackle it, it learns two to come back.

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  6. Lia says:

    Soooo true. 💛☀️

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  7. SnowHearT says:

    We forgot to live life to the fullest when we make things complicated.
    We always worry for no reasons.

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  8. Lia says:

    I agree! Sometimes we make it so complicated! It’s most fun when we don’t worry and just be happy as we are, unconditional love, no judgement. :)) 💖

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  9. SnowHearT says:



  10. SnowHearT says:


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  11. SnowHearT says:

    Thank you komal ♥️

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  12. SnowHearT says:

    Thank you dear ♥️

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  13. Fen says:

    true! I sometimes think about how life shouldn’t be this complicated too.

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  14. komal Ater says:

    Simply amazing😍🤩👍

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  15. komal Ater says:

    What a thought

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  16. Beautiful thought!!

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  17. SnowHearT says:


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  18. Chetna says:

    The quote!!😍💫✨

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  19. SnowHearT says:

    Life is so simple!!!

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  20. It is definitely us that make life unnecessarily complicated

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