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Something in Nothing

There’s something in nothing,
Clue for nothing is immense
What is something in nothing.
Glued for nothing is impeccable

Find out what it is in nothing
Thousands of emotions are hiding
To keep you important
Millions of reasons to treasure you

Hiding in nothingness is valued
To harness you with loved
To keep you grace and safe
In nothingness you are special

The something in nothing
Is not you to worry about
But to keep you calm
And not to hurt you.

Because in nothing
I keep you in touch
Waiting you to get cold
As I keep you warm in nothingness

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Forever Tomorrow

you are my paradise
that I met from nowhere
gives me a light from distant
my darkened shadow fade away
and ignite golden light

you gave me hope
to fill the crave of sunshine
immense the waves of oceans
feel the fine sand on the beach
bestowed it’s gloomy pebbles

you are my paradise
that I am going live forever
longing for memories with you
dear, please stay as my paradise
and be my forever tomorrow
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I met You

meeting you in paradise 
makes me surprise
my heart beats so fast
my eyes are solenoid
staring at you

one hello from you,
was an ice breaker
enough to wake me up
from fantasizing you
coz here you are

you are real
even more realistic
when you shake my hand
and leave a smile
that engrave in my heart
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Balang Araw

Balang araw hindi na ako luluha habang pinagmamasdan ka
 Sa larawan ng puno ng ating alaala at pangarap
 Balang araw hindi na ako hihikbi habang pinakikinggan
 Ang ating musika na himig nating dalawa

 Balang araw hindi na ako matutulala sa kalumbayan
 Habang ako ay nasa ating paboritong lugar
 Balang araw masisilayan din ang aking mga ngiti 
 At sigurado ako na di na ikaw ang dahilan ng aking mga ngiti

 Ikaw man ang dahilan ng pagkaguho ng aking mga pangarap
 Huwag kang mag-alala babangon ako at mangangarap muli
 Sisiguraduhin ko na di na ikaw bahagi nito
 Balang araw mangangarap akong muli para sa sarili ko

 Hindi na hihinto ang mundo ko para hintayin ka pang bumalik
 Balang araw kusa nalang akong maglalakad
 Hindi dahil sa pagod na akong hintayin ka
 Kundi dahil ito ang nararapat, tunguhin ang aking landas
 Na wala ka upang paglalakbay ko’y matagumpay
 Gaya ng nais ko.
 Balang araw!
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You left of people without even noticing.
You stop thinking of them every day.
You stop waiting for them to reply to you.
You stop allowing them to take up
so much space in your life.

You move on,
You go about your day without worrying about them.
You stop expecting them to come back with an apology.
You accept that they are no longer a part of your life.
You just let them go,

Simple as that!
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Choose Someone who Choose You

Choose someone
who wins your heart
Choose someone
who sees your worth

Someone that won't dismiss
and not to bear you
Someone that understands
and appreciate you.

Choose someone
who stays and grow with you

Choose someone
who lay the foundations with you

Choose someone who choose you.
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an electronic mail
to send my virtual
hugs to you, dear

an electronic mail
to feel your warm
and feel your arms

an electronic mail
to send my emotions
and feel me important

an electronic mail
to feel me not alone
and you are there

an electronic mail
to touch my heart
and ignite my soul

an electronic mail
to holds our forever
and keep your promise
until we meet
and start to web
our dreams
you and i
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When I learned
to wait,
Why you didn’t come?

When I learned
to be patient,
Why you give up?

When I learned
to love you,
Why you shun?

When you know
I loved you,
Why you loved someone?

This is an English version of “Bakit”. More power and Godbless. Keep safe always. – SnowHearT

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Bakiit kung kailan natuto
akong maghintay
hindi ka dumating?

Bakit kung kailan natuto
akong magtiis
doon ka sumuko?

Baki kung kailan natutunan
kitang mahalin
dun ka lumayo?

Bakit kung kailan
mahal na kita
saka ka nagmahal ng iba?
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is our selfdom
to expressed our boredom
in the queen of kingdom
to raise our random
thoughts in seldom

is everyone geekdom
to own our earldom
and not to be a beggardom
but be a masterdom
of our villadom