1. Saberina says:

    Hello heaven or hell

    I have come through the spirit of the law to bring his people back to the light of al la all of you have been fooled and blinded by men who tell lies and deception to food his people who better to do that then the devil I’m not here to have any arguments or fights I’m not here I’m only here to bring you back to heaven it clearly states in the Koran and the Bible that heaven on earth will come through person I have chosen person.

    How else did you think I was going to come now if I came in my form you word would be no longer so I’m giving you a choice again through human being of your world I speak, For my world the Earth the universe belongs to me

    Some of you have met a LADY of your world being of your world she is a young FEMINA 50 when Spirit of al la speaks through me. I AM her ABBA who speaks through My Daughter.she humbles herself to me ALLAH AMEEN .I AM THE TRUTH
    Please share
    Read my story END TO NEW BEGINNING

    Love you xx


  2. Here’s the link and I hope you are blessed and do post a comment and feel free to subscribe to receive notificaitons of new posts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u03rIiVs3c


  3. SnowHearT says:

    It is my pleasure. Indeed to share it on youtube. Thank you.


  4. loved your post and thought i would like to share a prayer with you. let me know if you’re fine to watch it on youtube and i will share the link with you. you will be blessed and i believe a miracle is just waiting to happen.

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  5. Such an inspiring post. Well done and be blessed for sowing this powerful seed of faith.

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  6. mosckerr says:

    But post WW2, with Europe in total ruins, Europeans ceased as 1st world countries.  American troops occupy Europe to this day.  When the EU attempted to write a Constitution, it made no mention to Xtianity – that dead religion which produced both Stalin and Hitler.  

    European society stands in absolute horror today.  Three years after the despicable crime of the Century – the Shoah – Jews achieved political independence as a nation!  Xtian Europe now found itself in moral exile.  Jews ruled once again their national homelands and Xtian European society stood in total disgrace waiting for the 2nd Coming of Jesus son of Zeus.  Only in Greek/Roman mythology does a God rape a married woman, and the child produced somehow [a miracle] does not qualify as a bastard son.  The Roman forgery known as the New Testament dresses up its “virgin birth” Jesus in Jewish garments while teaching Greek/Roman mythology.   That work refers to this as: “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

    The messiah claims based upon “prophecy”, utterly ridiculous.  In the Jewish bible – called the T’NaCH – [Torah/Prophets/Holy Writings.  The latter functions as a Primary Source commentary to the Prophets and Torah.  Don’t want to bore you, but Jewish jurisprudence obeys a set of rules.  Obviously the post Torah generations struggled with interpreting the Torah “Constitution” {something like the Koran in Saudi Arabia and Iran today}.  A basic rule of interpretation: you cannot learn a verse taken out of context.  Another basic rule, called a mountain hanging by a hair, key words like faith, love etc require a definition from the Torah itself before you can “hang” other ideas or concepts upon these strategic words.] – the Torah defines “prophet” as a person who commands mussar.  Mussar applies equally and to all generations of people living on this earth.  It means דרך ארץ/derech aretz.  

    This concept roughly means – a person dedicates pronoun attributes of G-d.  This means that a person commits to modify or change the manner by which he socially interacts with others based upon the defined attribute which he has dedicated unto G-d within his heart.  This type of Jewish spirituality defines the complex subject of prayer.  G-d hears a person’s prayer, when that person, based upon the defined attribute dedicated to G-d, modifies how he/she socially interacts with other people.

    The Talmud compares an imperfect human attribute to a person going to a mikveh while holding a rat.  [Non Jews don’t know the culture and customs of Jews b/c we represent a tiny speck of humanity.  Jewish purity laws apply to a married woman.  It requires her to ritually purify herself following her menstruation period.  The reason for this, a woman ovulates 7 to 11 days after she ceases bleeding.  Ritual purity customs favor that couples have sex under conditions most conducive to producing children from those sexual couplings.

    Consequently by these purity customs, a Jewish woman must bath herself in a special bath called a mikveh.  A person who seeks to make herself “tohor” [A very complex subject.  The entire service of the house of Aaron to dedicate sacrifices unto G-d, revolves around this subject of “tohor”.  But it applies across the board to all Jews.  Both males and females have an obligation to dedicate “tohor” attributes unto G-d].

    So a person [Like a convert to Judaism which requires that that person “bathe” in a mikveh {baptism represents a Xtian interpretation of the requirement to go to the mikveh}], who goes into a mikveh while holding a rat [a tuma/opposite of tohor/ animal], clearly does not make themselves ritually cleansed from tuma.  Therefore based upon this required preface, the human heart equally holds tohor and tuma attributes.  This struggle within the heart defines the Jewish concept of prayer.

    A person does not make a petition to God for something.  Rather a person dedicates a “tohor” attribute to G-d, as later expressed to the modifications made unto that persons’ social behavior with others.  Jewish prayer separates itself from non Jewish prayers on this foundation – known as Oral Torah.  Oral Torah, like prophetic mussar/דרך ארץ, attaches itself to ritual rabbinic laws known as halaka.  A person who observes and keeps halaka without dedication of some tohor attribute to G-d, compares to a person who goes to the mikvah while holding a dead rat.

    Practical halaka expands the avenue of Jewish prayer dedications to G-d, unto all fields and walks of life, down to how a person eats, ties his/her shoes or wipes his/her behind.

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  7. Amen! Thanks for sharing… I am blessed with this post 😊

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  8. labake says:

    Amen. I need a prayer of faith this morning

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  9. SnowHearT says:

    Thank you Juliet ❤️ God blessedness always be with you ♥️♥️♥️


  10. SnowHearT says:

    Thank you 😊


  11. SnowHearT says:

    Be blessed always ❤️

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  12. ositajuliet says:

    awesome write up

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  13. Great post 😁

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  14. Athia Karim says:


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  15. Yes . True faith holds much importance.

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  16. SnowHearT says:

    Have a nice day too Manisha ♥️♥️♥️

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  17. SnowHearT says:

    God blessed and much love ❤️

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  18. SnowHearT says:

    God bless you abundantly ♥️

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  19. Manisha says:

    Very true…Prayer, Faith and hope plays a crucial role in hard times.
    Lovely post. Have a nice day 🤍💗

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  20. Thank you for this early in the morning. Just what I needed. May you be blessed abundantly

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