I am that GIRL

I am the kind of girl,,,
Who is quiet in large groups
or around people I don’t know;
You only see the real me if we’re close.
I smile and laugh a lot,
Especially At the most inappropriate times.
I’m hopeless romantic.

I trip over air, up stairs, and over people’s feet.
I am the hardest person to offend,
But it is all too easy to make me feel horrible.
I hate telling people about my problems;
They don’t need to worry about me.

I am the one who listens
to other people’s problems.
I believe people should not be judge
before one takes time to get know them,
yet I am guilty of doing that exact thing.

I love to think rather than talk.
I’m awkward, clumsy, shy, strange…
But this is ME!!!


Mahal at Mahalaga

Bakit masakit yung katotohanan
na minsan kahit gaano
kabait sayo ng isang tao.

Hindi ka pa din
niya kayang mahalin?

Simple lang.

Dahil hindi mo tanggap
na kahit gaano
ka man KAHALAGA sa kanya,

bumabalik pa rin
sa katotohanan na.

Iba pa rin talaga


Ang kapintasan ng tao'y 
mata ang nakakakita.
Ngunit ang pagmamahal
ay puso ang nakakadama.

Kaya masasabing
bulag ang pag ibig.
Utos ng puso ang susundin
dahil iyon ang ikaliligaya.

Paano ba pipigilin
ang pagtibok ng puso?

Di ba't kapag pinilit
walang kasingsakit
dahil puso'y nagdurugo.

Kahit pilitin mo pang
ika'y sa kanya'y lumayo.
Hahanapin mo pa rin
ang kanyang pagsuyo.


Smiling doesn’t necessarily
mean you’re happy.

Sometimes it just
means you’re strong.

Your smiles gives me a reason to stay
Everytime you wanna be with us
You just simple put a smile
In your little pouty lips

Your smiles gives me a reason to slay
It can slay our boredom strikes
You have a phenom to lures us
To make our life optimistic journey

Your smiles is my sunshine all day
It enlightened my darkness life
You shared so much joyous
To teach me to be precious

Your smiles is my happy pill to lay
I am saddened but you shared love
Embraced with your little arms
It's a huge love hiding on it

Oh, dear I thanks a lot for your smiles
You softened my snow heart
You keep it warm with your hugged
Truly your smiles has a magic

It is so genuine feeling to be shared
You have a wonderful smiles
To share vibrant and sanguine
And be natural to empower our world.

Keep smiling!!!
So life will not upset you.
Create blossoms all day.
Through your magical smile.