My Star

You are my star at nightshining at my darkestglow in my catastrophic moodshade with gloomy shadowinvade of astounding lightshows how beautiful you areStar that keeps glowinghiding in clouds and keep shiningthe bests view at nightthousands of light that I foundbut you are brightest of themmy star that I found in this universe.

Be my Thorn

You know my heartachesSwollen my heart deeplyLeaves scars that shonedEven the memories stayedSee the sadness in my eyesEmbedded of emotionsYou may see me laughingDeep within is breakingA broken grandeur glassNever be whole againThe magnificent of brokennessShines through the rays of lightLike a rose in a flower potShine is gone and fadingWhen the sun is settingAnd … Continue reading Be my Thorn

Maaari Ba???

Maaari bang samahan mo akona lakbayin ang baybayin na itona magkahawak ang ating mga kamayat pinakikinggan ang alay kong tula sayo.Maaari ba?na magpanggap kang masayana kapiling ako.Maaari ba?na magpanggap kang mahalmo ako kahit sandali lang.???Maaari ba na pakinggan mo?ang bawat pintig ng aking pusona tanging ikaw ang ritmosa isang musika na ikaw ang himig.Maaari bang … Continue reading Maaari Ba???


When you’re a kid and you get hurtYou cried loud!To know that you’re crying and felt that you’re in painNow that you’re an adult and get hurtYou silently crying!To hide that you’re in painand nobody knows that you’re hurting.


There was once butterfly that have landedon my shoulder.After a while it flew away. But it left colorful dust on my shoulder. Then I realize, friends are like butterflies,they come and go but one thing is for sure. It will surely leave a colorful mark on our lives.Thanks for being one dozen butterflies in my … Continue reading Butterflies

Your Promises

Heard your wordsMake me feel worthyYour words is my lawMake me feel secure.You open my heartUsing your keyI entrusted it to youMy life and my soul.The wavelengthsOf your pavementsIs crossing the bordersTowards me with love.Your promised foreverAlways be my strengthTo put my trusts on youI always love you.I appreciate every singleAct you’ve done to show … Continue reading Your Promises